Do you know what your
Machines Systems Robot
do all day?

with SICON you will find out !

Welcome to the future of the new Process Analysis.

Condition monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Energy Monitoring as simple and efficient as never before....

Why you need SICON.OS!

With SICON you have access to your Industrial devices, Systems and Machines within minutes.

Optimize Production performance

Optimize Production performance through Analysis and recommendations for action

Reduce downtimes

Prevent downtime with Predictive Maintenance recommendations.

Manage Variant diversity

Increase your flexibility with simple Pre-made, stored Recipes

Minimize Setup times

Improve your Setup times through automatic Parameterization

Increase Quality

Increase the Quality of your Production through transparency

Optimize Energy consumption

Optimize your Energy use through anomaly detection in the Process

With SICON.OS, you can use your Devices and Equipment more efficiently and for longer.

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Experience how simple digitization can be

What is SICON.OS

SICON.OS is the intermediary between Industrial Systems and your Business processes

SICON.OS is an intelligent EDGE computing software that allows you to use your Devices and Equipment more efficiently and for longer.

Plug & Work interface for many Industrial Devices

Expandable, Open Interfaces

No intervention in the System required – no reaction

Perfect for retrofitting existing Systems

Can be used without internet access - Data remains under your sovereignty

Operable without Specialist

Use SICON and increase your Productivity

How SICON.OS works

Connect all Machines and Devices easily!


Add new Devices or Machines via a Catalog or a Scan of the Automation network

PLC controls and IOL Masters from many manufacturers

Cobots and Robots from renowned manufacturers

Data sources like json, txt, CSV files and Databases

If your devices or protocols are not supported today, they can be quickly and easily developed by you or by us and added to the system as modular adapters

Manage the diversity of your devices without problems !


Verwalten Sie alle Maschinen und Geräte spielend einfach mit dem SICON.OS DeviceManagement

Organize your devices by System and location identifier

Assign a responsible person to the devices who will be informed about the condition

Get reports such as bills of materials and the condition of Equipment

Access all Functions and Parameters of the Devices

Know how your System is doing at all times!


Follow Production and be warned of failures at an early stage!

Get information about the utilization and states of your Systems

Avoid failures by reporting problems to the right person early

Optimize your Energy consumption through Reports with Data

Find the bottleneck in production through the integrated analytics

Integrate your own view of the Processes through Open Interfaces

Optimize Systems and Processes!


Improve Systems and Processes by extending SICON.OS

Access the Open Interfaces and develop your own Visualization

Integrate your own logic via LowCode tools like NodeRed

Start today with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We make data smarter and available at any time. Surprisingly Simple - Just Plug!

In which Industries can SICON.OS be used?

With SICON, you can take off in any Industry. Start your Digitization today and get the full Picture


Fiber Composite





Metal and Sheet






Experience how simple digitization can be

Application examples

Our solutions can be used anywhere Raw data from various sources can be used information is to be aggregated; this is specified in the The System can be used in a wide variety of Industries and Application scenarios.


Digitization of Machines and Systems to open up a wide range of Use cases

We make your Machines fit for the future; no matter whether Predictive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, or Remote access - We offer Manufacturers and Operators of Machines customized Solutions.

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