Machinery and Equipment industry

Use cases
in practice

Data monitoring and aggregation for the
Process optimization and Predictive Maintenance

"Process data aggregation in extrusion "

The SICON- Box serves as a secure mediation node from their machines to the cloud, enterprise systems and endpoints using specific Docker containers.

  • Development and Visualization of operating parameters of an extruder
  • Aggregation of the data into valuable, usable information
  • Enables Process Optimization as well as warning messages in case of unusual or critical Operating conditions

Usecase Monitoring

"Monitoring of Machine Parameters"

  • Live- Monitoring of Machine Parameters of a Machine tool on a terminal device
  • Representation of historical Machine Parameters such as axis movements
  • Enables forward-looking Wartung and efficient Machine setup

Usecase Secure Cloud

"Secure data transfer to the cloud"

  • Embedding of SICON.OS installations in the plant hierarchy and aggregation of KPIs/OEEs along the hierarchy
  • Connection of the store floor with the cloud (Cloud Relay)
  • Integration of SICON.OS in public key infrastructures

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